samedi 11 juin 2011

[News] Jeaniene Frost et Vlad !

 Petite News de l'auteur à propos de la nouvelle sur Vlad !!!

Vlad and Leila’s books will be part of the new Night Prince series.
Okay, why “Night Prince”? For one, the word “Night” will – hopefully – let readers know at a glance that these stories are set in the same world as my Night Huntress series and Night Huntress World novels. Second, contrary to the most popular fictional rendering of Vlad the Impaler, he was not a Count. He was essentially a Prince of Wallachia during his reign (Wallachia now being part of modern-day Romania). So there you have the Prince part of the series title.
Tentative release date for the first book in the Night Prince series is spring 2012. It may be pushed back to summer if (a) I don’t write it fast enough, or (b) what I write needs a lot of revisions. So cross your fingers for me that I will write well, and quickly, lol. I haven’t seen the cover yet for the first book, but as Tom Egner has done such a fabulous job with all my other covers, I’m sure he’s cooking up something very cool.
Before anyone asks, no, this doesn’t mean Cat and Bones stories will be put on a long hold while I kickstart Vlad and Leila’s new series. First, still to come in 2011 for our mayhem-loving vampire couple is One Grave at a Time (August 30th) along with a special holiday novella that’s almost half the size of a regular book in The Bite Before Christmas anthology (October 25th). Vlad and Leila’s book will come, as stated, in early 2012, but then after that, we’ll be onto Cat and Bones #7 (still untitled, but expect the word “grave” in there somewhere).
And I just noticed that you could play a drinking game with all the parenthesis in this post. Clearly I need more coffee before I start back on writing (drink! :) ).

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  1. Cool merci pour l'article, j'ai hate de lire ca!!!

  2. Ouuuh ça promet ! Ouuuh ça risque d’être très très bon ça ! Ton message, reprenant cette information, avait ensoleillé ma journée ;o)

    L’imagination de Jeaniene Frost a l’air de bouillonner, pour notre plus grand bonheur ! Il ne (me) reste plus qu’à espérer que toutes ses nouvelles séries seront traduites.