vendredi 24 juin 2011

[News] - Ilona Andrews et sa série The Edge

Et oui, alors que ma lecture du tome 5 de la série des Kate Daniels date de quelques jours seulement, j'ai déjà pré-commander le prochain livre du couple : le tome 3 de la série  The Edge.
Voici le lien de pré-commande, la couverture et le résumé (source Goodreads)

Quatrième de couv' :
The Edge lies between worlds, on the border between the Broken, where magic is a fairy tale, and the Weird, where the strength of your magic can change your destiny.

Audrey Callahan may come from a family of thieves and con men, but she left that life in the Edge behind and has gone straight with a legitimate—and thoroughly unmagical—job in the Broken. Then her brother gets in trouble, and her father cajoles her into helping out on one last heist.

But Audrey is about to meet her match in Kaldar Mar, an Edger who has been on the wrong side of the law himself. Kaldar, a sometimes gambler, lawyer, thief, and spy with some unusual talents of his own, is assigned to track down a stolen item... and the trail leads him to Audrey.

Forced to work together, Kaldar and Audrey discover that the missing item has made its way into the hands of a dangerous criminal organization—one they will have to outsmart if they want to live.

Pour Pré-Commander :


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